Production Capabilities

Incorporated on 27 April 2001, Aik Chee Furniture Sdn Bhd is a private limited organisation that assumed business of Aik Chee Furniture, which was started in 1994.

The manufacturing facility is located at the Grisek Industrial Estate, 30 kilometres from Muar, Johor – Malaysia’s furniture centre.

Our facility stretches over nine blocks, housing a total 20 CNC (computer numerical control) machines and more than 180 woodworking machinery.

The CNC machines are capable of accurately producing multiple identical pieces so there is no wastage. They are also able to execute our masters’ intricate designs, cutting down time and intensive labour as well as affordability.

So far, we are operating three finishing lines – pallet finishing plate, sealer line and lacquer line. Our current production capacity is between 75 and 80 containers per month.