Fine Art of Design


Fine Art of Design

Aik Chee Furniture Sdn Bhd is a full-fledged manufacturer specialising in producing and exporting dining furniture with fine art flourishes.

Incorporated on 27 April 2001, AIK CHEE FURNITURE SDN BHD is a private limited organisation that assumed business of Aik Chee Furniture, which was started in 1994. Since then, the company has aggressively expanded its market share in South America and the Middle East. We pride ourselves in developing more than 100 sample sets every year, and categorised into modern, classical and counter height dining designs.

Our furniture pieces boast of unique detailing with hand carved elements that are not usually done on a large scale. We employ a dedicated team of master wood carvers from Indonesia and Vietnam to ensure the products meet our stringent quality control.

Nurturing their artistic flair over the decades, these masters are able to achieve design precision and beautiful pieces to meet demand.

With a wide range of sample sets produced every year, we are also able to cater to trends in different regions.

We are also heavily invested in product quality management, with teams of experienced staff monitoring production at every stage. Meanwhile, the after sales service is vital to our success too. This is the promise we strive to uphold when you engage us.

Our design, quality and service are part of AIK CHEE’s mission to enhance our standing as the leader in dining furniture. We do not compromise on quality, value and delivery. We hope to further burnish the AIK CHEE brand to become the premier “Made in Malaysia” furniture manufacturer.